In which Minute Physics knocks my blog off the internet, and other self promoting news

Wow. I’m really excited that Henry Reich, who’s behind the absolutely brilliant series of animated physics explainers Minute Physics, included me in his video list of “the most consistently awesome and creative science storytellers, explainers and teachers”. I got a chance to catch up with Henry at Science Online (more on that later), and it was really great to get his perspective on science communication, on physics explainers, and on the rapidly growing following that his work is amassing. Minute Physics recently crossed a *million* followers – it just blows my mind that a video series on physics can have that reach, and it speaks to Henry’s tremendous gifts as a smart, talented and funny science communicator. The traffic from Henry’s referral actually knocked my blog off the internet, and I had to frantically scramble to get things going again (too much love is a good kind of problem, in my book :).

Do check out the video. It includes many of my favorite places on the internet, including Radiolab‘s amazingly engrossing science storytelling and Sean Carroll‘s deliciously idea-dense blog.

In other shamelessly self-promoting news, I’m really floored to be listed in Byliner’s Best of Journalism list of 2012. It’s very cool for me to see this under-two-year-old blog included up there with so many mainstream journalistic organizations. I write this blog in my ever-dwindling free time, and do it for the love of writing and explaining science. It’s been a wild ride, and I’m excited to keep playing. Looking ahead, over the next few months I’m collaborating on a really fun blog-related experiment, so watch this space!