Woohoo! I made it to Open Lab!

I’m totally floored. Two days ago, I received an email from veteran science writer Jennifer Oullette, informing me that one of my posts had made the cut for Open Lab.

This is me when I saw Jennifer's email in my inbox
And this is me after reading it

If you’re unfamiliar with Open Lab, it’s an annual print compilation of some of the best science writing on the web. Scientific American books has agreed to publish this edition, and it will hit bookstores sometime next fall. The editors Jennifer Oullette and Bora Zivkovic faced the daunting task of winnowing down 720 submissions to 51 finalists. The complete list of their selections is available here, and you can read about their selection criteria in Jennifer’s wonderful defense of the blogging form.

I’m incredibly humbled to be included, especially along such a star studded blogging cast. I’m stunned that I’ll be sharing a book with some of the names on that list. I started this blog less than a year ago, because I couldn’t quite contain my excitement about science. This selection means that I must be doing something right!

But it means more than that. The online science writing community is a group of crazily passionate people. They have families and busy day jobs. Yet they manage to find the time to build something beautiful, something they care deeply about. It’s an incredible meritocracy where the biggest names tirelessly plug the work of the newcomers. The only thing that matters is that what you create is interesting.

My blogging has slowed down to a standstill of late. But rather than offer a lame excuse about being busy, I’m instead going to take inspiration from my fusion powered blogparents. Everyone’s busy. Regardless, I’m going to strive to work harder, to stay up later, and most importantly, to stay interesting. And of course, I won’t forget to have a lot of fun along the way.