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The blog 3QuarksDaily is holding their annual Science Blogging competition. This year it’ll be judged by astrophysicist and all round science-superhero Sean Carroll. There are 107 blog posts competing, many of them quite excellent, a testament to the steadily growing talent pool in science writing. Your votes will decide the top 20 that make it to the next round.

Last year, back when I was a wee baby blog, I was incredibly honored that one of my early posts on blind cavefish made it to the final round. This time, I’m excited that two of my posts are in the running.

  1. What it feels like for a sperm describes the counter-intuitive science of fluid dynamics from the point of view of a sperm. It will be published in The Best Online Science Writing 2012 and arrive in bookstores in September.
  2. The Crayola-fication of the World is about the interplay between language, colors, and perception. It’s my most popular post and just passed a thousand(!) facebook likes today.

You can check out all the posts that are competing. Once you’re ready,

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