I made it to the 3QD finals!

I’m very excited to report that my post on blind cavefish made it to the list of finalists for the 3QuarksDaily Science Prize 2011. I’m in the company of some seriously excellent writers, all of whom I admire. A big thanks to everyone who voted me in and helped spread the word about this very young blog. You’re all incredible!

Here are the other finalists:

  1. Cosmic Variance: The Fine Structure Constant is Probably Constant
  2. Dr. Carin Bondar: Sacrifice on the Serengeti
  3. Highly Allochthonous: Levees and the Illusion of Flood Control
  4. Laelaps: The Pelican’s Beak – Success and Evolutionary Stasis
  5. Oh, For the Love of Science: Prehistoric Clues Provide Insight into Climate’s Future Impact on Oceans
  6. Opinionator: Morals Without God?
  7. Scientific American Guest Blog: Serotonin and Sexual Preference: Is It Really That Simple?
  8. Starts With A Bang: Where Is Everybody?

They’re all excellent posts, and it’s great to see science writing getting some love.